Joel’s Testimonial

Toni’s Testimonial

Catherine Henry

“My therapy sessions with Josianne were the best I’ve had in my life. After years of research for someone professional to help me relief my hernia back pain problem, I found Josianne. With all her professional skills and her positive energy, she made the sessions spent with her excellent time of healing. Everytime, I was able to totally abandon myself in between her hands. Josianne is a gifted woman that can not only heal your body, but also your mind and soul.”

Candy’s Testimonial

Summer’s Testimonial

“I had the chance to practice yoga with Josianne in a beautiful setting. I really enjoyed her peaceful guidance and her common touch. She adapted the practique to the level of the participants so that beginners and more advanced practitionners both enjoyed their experience. I also beneficiated of her soft hands during a treatment for my shoulders. It really helped release the tensions in my upper body. Thank you Josianne!”

Karine Boisjolie

Marvin Morris

“I’m still doing therapy for my pain and condition. I have been and continue to work with a therapist but I think of you all the time. Josianne because after working with you, no other therapist is like you! I can write pages of praise about your work! You are in a class high above any of the others! I really miss having your very special expertise!”

“When I first met Josy, I was invited to be part of the first trial for Yoga Chikitsa, here in Nicaragua. I was a little bit skeptical and I never imagined that this type of exercise can be practiced, not only to vent stress or stretching, but also to heal join pains (like my right knee). I learned different tools and I got knowledge on how my body works, how it suffers and how to keep it healthy. A lot of helpful things were given to me such as how to play with different positions to decrease my pain, how to use scents and sounds to release stress and help my body to heal by itself. Also, She let me noticed some bad food habits that I needed to stop to make sure this new practice would help at its best.

By the end, I realized how Yoga Chikitsa (therapy) really works if you have discipline, perseverance and put effort to help your body to be better and long-lasting. So thank you a lot Josy to allow me to be part of this new experience. I will never forget what you did for my wellness and my knee.”


Cesar Flores


Anne Sophie Mezil

“Rita knows how to wisely plan classes to take your practice from where you are at the moment to where you want or need to go with it. She is very engaging in her way to teach, with a savant dosage between being fun and relax , as well as “serious “and fully focused where it is needed. I really enjoyed her classes and would recommend her anytime.”

“My first ever yoga class was with Rita. Her class size was ideal for a beginner as it enabled her to give each one of us lots of personal attention. She was gentle yet firm in her instructions and always encouraging and motivating me to improve the asanas at my pace. I really enjoyed learning Iyengar yoga with her.”


Catherine Maddison


Alex Combe

“I had a number of aches and pains for many years. In the evenings when I went to bed it took me quite a while to get to sleep because of the cramps that persisted from my muscles. A friend told me about Rita and her yoga practise. I spent a few months seeing Rita for classes and working on each muscle complaint individually and as a whole. It was a magical adventure for me and after not so long I noticed a massive change in how my muscles felt and how well I started to sleep at night. Rita classes seem very relaxed and well managed but actually they work on a very deep level indeed. I am not good at yoga and like easy classes. What I found was that although the classes seemed easy they worked incredibly deeply. Thanks Rita for your patience and understanding – your classes where amazing!”

“I thought Rita was really amazing. She really knows her stuff. She was able to help me with all kinds of little tricks and tips that improved my practice. She also gave me great breathing and nutrition instruction too!”