Our Vision


has increased in popularity throughout the world, but has become almost entirely synonymous with asanas. The media displays people in amazing postures who declare how good they feel in their body and mind since adopting yoga in their life. However, it is also true that more and more injuries are occurring as it is used without the proper knowledge and awareness of one’s own body.

We believe it is high time to demonstrate how yoga is to be used as a safe tool and therapy. Our aim is to provide appropriate understanding of the physical body and to integrate the other limbs of yoga to fully enjoy its therapeutic benefits not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


We want to share our combined experience and knowledge in physiotherapy and yoga specialized in Therapeutic essentials for individuals and teachers who want to deepen their knowledge, practice and teaching. This is why we decided to create the Yoga Chikitsa Association and offer YTTC specialized in Yoga Elements. ‘Yoga Chikitsa’ means ‘yoga therapy’ in Sanskrit.

Our association is also open to the new perspectives that quantum physics and the new sciences are unfolding. By bridging spirituality and science, they are shedding new light on the impact that we have on ourselves and others.

Yoga, as a holistic approach, is leading our human evolution by elevating our consciousness to Oneness as we become aware of our power to enhance our life and realize that we create our own reality.

If we resonate with what Ekhart Tolle said: “the pollution of the environment is a reflection of the pollution within ourselves”, we can imagine that by taking responsibility for our own health and actions, we can contribute to the healing of our environment, society and the happiness of all beings.

In other words, we can be the change we want to see tomorrow.

Our Mission

Free Education To The Nicaraguan Community

Yoga Chikitsa is a means for yoga to improve your health. We offer this training to people from all over the world, but we will also be giving back to the community by giving the local Nicaraguan population reduced tuition to achieve certification as yoga teachers. We believe that by being an accessible school for Nicaraguans we can help promote healthy lifestyles, and educate them on how to prevent and cure pain, sickness, and disease through movement, diet, breathing, cleansing and meditation.

At Yoga Chikitsa we aim to reconcile economic activities and social equity, we also strive to promote exercise and healthy lifestyle in villages and schools. We will offer educational programs that will introduce people to yoga and proper nutrition. According to the World Health Organization the Obesity rate in Nicaragua is at a shocking 23.4%, an 8% increase from 2010. Poor eating habits with a lot of fried food, soda and other sugary drinks increase the rate of obesity and preventable diseases such as hypertension, asthma, diabetes, obesity, anaemia. Yoga therapy is scientifically proven to combat or manage these diseases and also many other muscular skeletal disorders. Furthermore, there has been a rise in the number of pharmacies in the country, creating a culture of self-medication, which can be dangerous.

We strongly believe that with education people will lead healthier lifestyles by prioritizing exercise and making better nutritional choices.


YCN School Evolution

Every beginning it’s hard and we have loved it.
This is the evolution of our yoga school in Las Peñitas, León, Nicaragua.

Yoga Chikitsa Nicaragua School Evolution (3)
Yoga Chikitsa Nicaragua School Evolution (4)
Yoga Chikitsa Nicaragua School Evolution (5)
Yoga Chikitsa Nicaragua School Evolution (6)
Yoga Chikitsa Nicaragua School Evolution (7)
Yoga Chikitsa Nicaragua School Evolution (8)
Yoga Chikitsa Nicaragua School Evolution (9)
Yoga Chikitsa Nicaragua School Evolution (1)
Yoga Chikitsa Nicaragua School Evolution (2)