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Yoga Chikitsa In The Community

While our school wishes to reconcile economic activities and social equity, we also aim to promote a healthy lifestyle in villages and schools. We will offer educational activities that introduce yoga, exercises and nutrition. We are aware that malnutrition is one of the biggest problems in Nicaragua and food management will be a challenge.

Fast food and soda seem to have prestige, and the connection between diet and health is not being made. Furthermore, pharmacies have boomed in recent decades and patients feel ripped off if they don’t come back with a pill. Self -medication is common.

We strongly believe that with education people will lead healthier lifestyles by prioritizing exercise and making better nutritional choices.

One of the project we want to collaborate with is La Casa Verde. It is a non-profit organization and education-based community project located in Las Peñitas, Nicaragua. The focus of their project is to bring people together from around the world to exchange ideas, share experiences, and help bring positive change to the local community. They strive to facilitate learning opportunities of all kinds, as well as promote innovation, critical thinking, environmental responsibility, and personal health. Through this project, Yoga Chikitsa will lead some educational activity such as cooking class, yoga and speech on health.

If you want to know more about La Casa Verde, you can visit Proyecto Casa Verde.

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For every donation, a free E-Book will be given through an email about how to apply the eight limbs of Yoga in your daily life.

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